DM&A and Junum Announce Partnership to Help Hospitals Take Action in Mitigating Malnutrition!

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

DM&A and Junum announced today that they have entered a strategic partnership that will help hospitals take action to provide the best tools to care for malnutrition. Untreated malnutrition diagnoses put patients at risk for worse outcomes. By combining DM&A’s malnutrition education, training, and coaching expertise with the power of Junum’s MalnutritionCDS technology, we will help hospitals identify, diagnose, and treat malnutrition to improve patient care and optimize reimbursement.  The accurate identification, intervention and documentation of malnutrition allows hospitals to be reimbursed for the resources required to care for the specific needs of these malnourished patients.

Matthew Miller, Chief Executive Officer at DM&A says: “We are excited to engage alongside Junum to help hospitals address the often-undiagnosed condition of malnutrition. We believe that Junum’s innovative technology perfectly complements our longstanding Malnutrition Education and Training Program that improves the quality of nutrition care in hospitals today.”

Molly Hegarty, MS RDN, Founder and CEO of Junum agrees saying, “We’re proud to partner with DM&A to deliver intuitive tools that operate within existing EHR workflows giving physicians and dietitians easy access to the nutrition insights they need to drive improved outcomes for malnourished patients.”

About DM&A

The DM&A team is comprised of industry recognized leaders, ranging from Certified Executive Chefs, MBAs, PhDs, Registered Dietitians, Authors, Professional Speakers, and Executive Success Coaches, which allows us to offer a multitude of specialized services. This includes but is not limited to strategic planning, operational transformation, clinical nutrition support services, design services, hospital room service, senior dining operations, and interim staffing.

Our mission it to greatly improve the experiences of patients, residents, and guests by enhancing the culture and operations of those that serve them.


About Junum

Junum is an innovative digital health company on a mission to put nutrition at the forefront of healthcare using technology. Founded and led by Molly Hegarty, nutritionist and engineer, the company employs a team of experts in nutrition and healthcare informatics. Junum helps hospitals address malnutrition so they can maximize the value of their clinical teams, drive revenue and deliver exceptional patient care. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit today.

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