10 Key Questions for EVS Departments

With EVS playing such a fundamental role in customer satisfaction and revenue, what are your recent results on the HCAHPS measurement question “room and bathroom always clean?” If those answers are not at the 80th percentile or BETTER, do you have a concrete plan to determine the obstacles and how they may be overcome?
Do you have productivity measurement tools in place, such as FTE/cleanable square feet, or some other external benchmark based on patient days? Where do you stand? REMEMBER – adding labor is not a magic wand! Additional staff without high-level training, observation and motivation will increase only one thing….cost.
Do you have a thorough understanding of the appropriate ways to segregate and manage waste streams, so as to manage cost and ensure compliance with the numerous federal and local regulations?
Are you utilizing standardization of products, thereby minimizing cost?
Are your room inspection processes rigorous? Think of the HCAHPS philosophy…”IT’S CLEAN or IT ISN’T!”
Do your staff members faithfully follow an engagement dialogue, and does the management team verify this?
Does your EVS leadership make rounding on patients, staff and nurses second nature? Are you willing to ask the really tough questions and listen? Equally important, do you document rounds and tie them to action plans for employees and units which are recurring challenges?
Are you interested in an alternative to struggling as a self-operator or locking your organization into an expensive, multi-year contract with a contractor that brings with it cultural disruption and philosophical conflict?
Would you benefit from a complete operational assessment by an independent professional (3-5 days)?
Are you ready to consider our nationally recognized DESTINATION 10 Process as a training solution that will change your departmental culture and get you where you and your boss need to be?

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