From Good to Best with Destination 10!

Recently, healthcare organizations have begun to appreciate the impact of the Environmental Services department on patient satisfaction. Cleanliness as perceived from the patient and family’s perspective is a major factor affecting overall patient satisfaction. With national attention on hospital-acquired infections, the important role of EVS departments in preventing the spread of potentially harmful bacteria has become significant. The Destination 10® Process is designed to move EVS departments from Good to Best.  When the Destination 10® process is already being employed in the food service department it makes sense to also utilize Destination 10® in EVS to take advantage of economies of scale. Utilizing Destination 10® in EVS creates an alignment of management and staff across these two important service provider departments with the common goal of providing optimum customer service.


DESTINATION 10® is a performance improvement process used by Environmental Service teams to enable them to reach the highest levels of excellence within a short period of time.

What Does Destination 10 Impact?

Destination 10® impacts all areas of an Environmental Services department including, but not limited to:

  • Leadership
  • Supervisory Development
  • Engaged Team Culture
  • Best Practices for positive HCAHPS results
  • Infection Control
  • Patient & Customer Service
  • Financial Management

The Destination 10 Process

  • DM&A Coaches are on site for 40 to 45 days over a period of one year.
  • The EVS Director or Manager receives a full set of licensed Destination 10® manuals presented in separate 3-ring binders.
  • The Environmental Services Academy modules are implemented.
  • Once implemented, the process is intended to last indefinitely.

What Tools Come with the Destination 10 Process?

Destination 10® comes with the following manuals:

  • EVS Tool Box (includes Catalytic Leadership Training)
  • EVS Customer Service Academy
  • EVS Academy

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