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Stella Software Solution

Your cloud hosted SOLUTION for managing recipes, menus, and production!

STELLA is a healthcare food service software that provides you with a solution for managing your recipes, menus & production.  The database includes 1000’s of recipes, up to a 21-day patient menu plan and up to a 5-week retail menu plan.  Menu plans are customizable to your facility.  Recipes and menus include Nutrition Facts.  You are able to manage patient information i.e., diet orders, food allergies, likes and dislikes without this information leaving your secure network.  With a cloud hosted solution, you do not need to have staff resources to maintain the recipes and menus.  More Info…


Successful implementation and management of a Food and Nutrition Software System depends 90% on the project management skills, people and organizational skills, and technical skills of the individuals responsible for the implementation. The DM&A Software Implementation and Optimization experts work with your staff to ensure your project is successful and your investment is maximized.

Why Isn't Software Vendor Support Enough?

  1. The vendor provides technical support about how to enter and maintain data in the system.
  2. Some trainers have limited or no Food and Nutrition operational experience so they are not able to assist you in making decisions about how to best implement the system to match your operational needs.
  3. Fully developed systems have proven to increase efficiency in your organization if implemented properly. This means that you want to make decisions that will improve the workflow, not just automate it.
  4. Limited support from trainer between training sessions.
  5. When interfacing to Electronic Health Records, the vendor interface Analyst will assist with the technical aspects, but you must make decisions about the information that will be sent.
  6. Vendor SOP is that they generally do not train the end user. Those who have just learned the system are responsible for training their own staff.
  7. Vendor provides limited Go-Live support.

DM&A Software Implementation & Optimization Provides:

  • Assistance with RFP process and selection of system to meet facility needs
  • Complete Project management
  • Extensive operational knowledge of software systems in institutional food service and also room service operations to assist you in making decisions on how to implement your system for efficiency and optimal use of investment
  • Expertise in interface design for minimal manual workflow in the diet office/call center
  • Support throughout the implementation to ensure project is staying on task
  • Assistance with workflow design to maximize use of system Assistance with testing and trouble-shooting systems prior to Go-Live
  • End user training
  • Go-Live support
  • Data entry assistance for the database build

Successful Implementation and Optimization of Current Food and Nutrition Services Software System Will:

  • Increase staff satisfaction – less manual paperwork
  • Increase reliability of system implementation
  • Increase Patient Safety by having recipes flagged for allergens
  • Provide accurate nutrient analysis of recipes and items served
  • Assist in managing food costs and maximizing purchasing contracts

Existing Systems:

  • Evaluate how system is being used and offer suggestions for improving efficiency & optimizing system capabilities
  • Assist with implementation of modules not implemented
  • Assist with database coding projects
    • Add allergen traits & ingredient label information
    • Enter items & recipes
    • Diet & Allergen compliance coding
    • Meal Food list creation & testing
  • Provide training and support when new System Administrator is hired

New Implementations:

  • Project Management
  • System design to optimize system capabilities
  • Interface design to optimize the system capabilities and improve diet office/call center efficiency
  • Assist with collection of data for vendor so that starter database includes correct information, to minimize additional database build
  • Assist with database build after vendor delivers starter database
  • Develop and/or re-design workflow to maximize use of systems in each area implemented, working in conjunction with software vendor trainers.
  • Assist with staff training
DM&A has been great to work with. We brought DM&A in to help us implement Room Service. We knew the biggest challenge would be building the Room Service software and integrating it with our current system.

Our DM&A coach, Della Dunbar, is exceptional to work with and is certainly an expert in this area. She knows best practice, is very patient, provides detailed information, and has great rapport with our (software vendor) contacts, in addition to a wealth of understanding of (room service software) applications. Not only did she provide training classes, but one-on-one training with “Go Live”. What a relief…we could not have done this without her!

Lori Kent - FSD, Self Regional Healthcare

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