Nutrition Focused Physical Exam (NFPE) is a standard of nutrition assessment and care that allows Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) to provide a much more thorough nutrition assessment and intervention, with a large focus on assessing for malnutrition.

The DM&A Nutrition Division provides on-site NFPE training and coaching sessions, where you learn on your patients with a NFPE expert RDN colleague at your side. Your RDN Coach will teach you how to approach a patient, put a patient at ease, get more out of your interview, differentiate nuances of malnutrition-related changes in body composition versus those associated with aging or neurodegenerative diseases, assess body composition changes in the difficult historian, and assess if there is edema or ascites masking fat and muscle loss.

YOUR facility, YOUR patient population, and YOUR entire RDN Staff. We have taught NFPE successfully at over 40 hospitals in the past 8 years from coast to coast.

You are supported with tools to carry with you to the patient floor, professional resources, and help with charting on NFPE. Your team will be left with the instruction and tools to confidently incorporate NFPE into your practice!

The benefit of staying within your own hospital system is that you have instruction tailored to your own policies, procedures, and patient population.

We see patients 1:1 with your dietitians, or in small groups, where we all discuss and assess on consenting patients. The RDNs receive an individualized experience to their level of experience and tailored to their specific questions and patient populations.

Included in our fee are unlimited emails and/or phone calls for Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment questions and a scheduled follow-up call for one month later; at this time, your RDNs are asked to present patient cases so that we may monitor that they are progressing in their NFPE skills.

We also provide an NFPE competency assessment for your team to assess their skills and keep a competency on file.

Invest in YOUR nutrition team and in the most comprehensive, cost-effective method of NFPE malnutrition assessment training.