Deliver Legendary Customer Service

About CSA

The Destination 10 Customer Service Academy (CSA) is a comprehensive educational process accomplished at your facility by DM&A coaches.

CSA Process

  • CSA coaches come to you for a designated number of days over a certain period of time.
  • All employees receive an extensive training manual.
  • All employees attend a one-hour class each day when the coach is on site.
  • All participants receive quizzes and a final exam.
  • The coach works with your employees throughout the day as part of the training process.
  • CSA culminates with a formal graduation. Administration, press and guests are invited.
  • Graduates are awarded a diploma for successfully completing the program.

Do You Want...

  • A team that understands exactly what they must do to provide legendary customer service?

If your answer is “YES”, then the Customer Service Academy is the perfect option for Food Service and Environmental Services.

CSA Graduates

  • Learn how to deliver legendary customer service
  • Learn that they must always do the following:
    • Do your job 100% and then help your teammates
    • Care about your work
    • Maintain a positive attitude
    • Be teamwork oriented
    • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
    • Don’t exceed allotted time for breaks and meals

Because the Customer

Because the customer has a need,
We have a job to do.

Because the customer has a choice,
We must be the better choice.

Because the customer has sensibilities,
We must be considerate.

Because the customer has an urgency,
We must be quick.

Because the customer is unique,
We must be flexible.

Because the customer has high expectations,
We must excel.

Because the customer has influence,
We have the hope of more customers.

Because of the customer,
DM&A exists!

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