ARE YOU.....

  • Concerned that your department may be understaffed?
  • Concerned that your department may be overstaffed?
  • Concerned that your department may be properly staffed, but deployed inefficiently?
  • Concerned that your allocation of managers and supervisors may be inappropriate, or that tour team may need training and motivation?

For these types of questions and more we offer an operational audit, a comprehensive snapshot designed to share with you precisely where you stand relative to your industry peers. We work with your EVS leaders and we work collaboratively, offering comments and soliciting input during the engagement. Our typical audit will take 2-5 days, depending on the size of your organization, and will address not only staffing metrics, but:

  • An evaluation of your recruiting and training programs
  • An evaluation of your daily operational procedures, including room inspections; patient interviewing; employee rounding; and scheduling
  • Overview of capital planning and equipment use
  • Recommendations for best practice in achieving high HCAHPS results

We will share results on site, using a scorecard and a narrative. Please note that we will request an exit meeting with both the EVS leadership and administration.

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