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Accurate identification, intervention and documentation of malnutrition will allow hospitals to be reimbursed for the resources required to care for the specific needs of malnourished patients.

Preliminary Review

This review identifies areas of opportunity to enhance current patient care processes and reimbursement potential.
*DM&A will provide a single hospital a complimentary review of their current state of malnutrition. The review includes current rate of malnutrition and educational opportunities to improve patient care.

Malnutrition Education & Training Program

Created to:
  • Improve quality of patient care and outcomes for adult and pediatric patient populations
  • Empower dietitians to take the lead on caring for malnutrition
  • Assist hospitals to properly identify, assess, care for, document, and diagnose malnutrition and improve severity of illness and risk of mortality scores while capturing appropriate reimbursement, and reduce readmissions
  • Provide education, training, coaching and tools for dietitians in the overall nutrition care process
  • Provide onsite education and training on the nutrition focused physical assessment (NFPA)

Overview & Example Outline


  • Conference call communication with hospital
  • Preprogram checklist  completion
  • Preliminary Review and Report

During each visit the DM&A Success Coaches provide education and training to the clinical nutrition team along with many other interdisciplanry team members including but not limited to:  Clinical documentation specialists, coding, finance, nursing, physicians and providers, revenue cycle, decision support, information system, discharge planning, and the hospital executive team.

The number of onsite visits, focus of education and training, and agendas are created to support the hospitals program success and to meet their individual needs.

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Program Cost - Fee Based

If you are interested in a learning more about our fee based payment structures, please contact DM&A for more information.
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