Hands-on Catalytic Leadership Training


DM&A provides customized classroom and hands on catalytic leadership training for Food Service and Environmental Services. The training program can be one day or multiple days spread over an extended time period.

Why is it Necessary?

The bar has been raised so high that all teams can use support, training, and coaching to reach idealistic company objectives. The best athletes in the world have one or more coaches to help them continually achieve higher levels of success. DM&A coaches can help food service teams do the same.

The Process

The Catalytic Leadership Academy process is unique because it first involves an extensive diagnosis of current leadership and management practices using a proprietary scoring system. Overall results are analyzed and strengths and weaknesses are identified. Customized training is then provided to strengthen those areas of weakness.

The Trainers

DM&A trainers and coaches are all experienced, nationally recognized, and highly credentialed leaders in the field.

The Tools

DM&A has developed a unique combination of leadership and management-style scoring and monitoring tools that help guide and drive success.

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