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DM&A is the largest, most diverse, full service, healthcare consulting firm in North America. The DM&A team consists of highly experienced, nationally recognized coaches bringing unparalleled knowledge and experience to each client location. DM&A is often hired to help organizations become the "Best of the Best" in the areas of food service, nutrition, environmental services and more. DM&A is home to the nationally acclaimed Destination 10 Performance Improvement Process. DM&A is also the leading authority in hospital room service implementation. Many of our clients win prestigious awards such as the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, Food Service Director of the Month, Lifetime Achievement Award and achieve stellar HCAHPS and related patient satisfaction measurement outcomes. We are your solutions provider!

Solve the Riddle – Spine and No Head

The answer is a cookbook. It has a "spine" (binding), and a "body" (pages), but no head or legs. It holds recipes, which are like "secrets from the past" about meals and gatherings.

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Solve the Riddle – Group of Three

The answer is stove, fire, and smoke. The stove is the object that is sitting down and will never get up. The fire eats as much fuel as it is given, yet it is always hungry for more. And the smoke rises from the fire and disappears into the air, never to return.

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