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About DM&A

DM&A is the largest, most diverse, full service, healthcare consulting firm in North America. The DM&A team consists of highly experienced, nationally recognized coaches bringing unparalleled knowledge and experience to each client location. DM&A is often hired to help organizations become the "Best of the Best" in the areas of food service, nutrition, environmental services and more. DM&A is home to the nationally acclaimed Destination 10 Performance Improvement Process. DM&A is also the leading authority in hospital room service implementation. Many of our clients win prestigious awards such as the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, Food Service Director of the Month, Lifetime Achievement Award and achieve stellar HCAHPS and related patient satisfaction measurement outcomes. We are your solutions provider!

Visiting Scholarship Winner – Missy Pumphrey

Visiting the 2022 dm&a CDM Credentialing Scholarship Winner Missy Pumphrey John Herzog, DM&A’s Director of Business Development and Scholarship Committee Chair, visited the 2022 scholarship winner Missy Pumphrey at Morris Hospital. Proud of Missy! The Morris Hospital administration & colleagues there were very

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12 Tips to Recharge Your Malnutrition Program

To celebrate the important work being done in our industry related to malnutrition and highlight the advocacy efforts in support of the recent Malnutrition Awareness Week and  White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health, we share with you – the leaders, and you all are leaders– 12 important tips you can use to ramp up and keep

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Student Volunteers are a Win-Win!

Even before the “great resignation,” who couldn’t use an extra pair of hands? An often-overlooked resource are student volunteers. Here are some guidelines for implementing a Student Volunteer Program:  Discuss the Concept with your Human Resources and Volunteer Department: Your Volunteer Department may ask you to provide a list of things the volunteer will

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