Before applying, please read the following Q&A carefully.

The ideal candidate is either retired but still chose to work occasionally or is in a transition between jobs. They would also enjoy or have the ability to travel and can be away from home for an extended period of time. If this is you, let’s talk!

Its contract work, meaning paid per actual day worked, not salaried. As a result, health benefits are not included.

Daily rates vary and are based on the compensation from our clients. The daily rate ranges anywhere from $300-$450 per onsite day. There is no compensation for travel days.

All over the United States! Through 30+ years DM&A has been blessed to serve in all 50 states and continues to do so.

Interim personnel is initially responsible for airfare, meals, and rideshare expenses. Upon completion and approval of a DM&A expense report, the interim will be reimbursed in a timely manner. Lodging and rental cars will be covered by DM&A.

Assignments vary anywhere from one week to over one year.

DM&A recognizes that these are unique, niche situations and is respectful of personal life outside of work. DM&A will always attempt to accommodate timeframes that make sense for all parties.

Yes! Typically, our interim team returns home once every four weeks. In some scenarios, the team member works for 10 days straight and then has 4 days off, depends on the customer’s preference.

If it were up to us…immediately! However, we are at the mercy of our customers and the needs grow and shrink on a regular basis. It’s always a balance of the right situation and timing. Some team members choose to remain on our list for years until the right opportunity presents itself. Others prefer to be constantly engaged (assuming openings are available).