Visiting the 2022
dm&a CDM Credentialing
Scholarship Winner
Missy Pumphrey

John Herzog, DM&A’s Director of Business Development and Scholarship Committee Chair, visited the 2022 scholarship winner Missy Pumphrey at Morris Hospital.

Proud of Missy!

The Morris Hospital administration & colleagues there were very proud of Missy and her work. They also applauded DM&A for giving Missy the opportunity to complete her CDM credentialing.

Administration and colleagues pictured from left to right: Thomas Dohm (Morris Hospital CEO), Missy Pumphrey, Kristin McCue (former F&NS Director), Debbie Yard (current Director of Food & Nutrition)

Director of Food & Nutrition Services

Both the current and former Director of Food & Nutrition Services, Debbie Yard and Kristin McCue are very proud of Missy.

About the Scholarship

The dm&a CDM Accreditation Scholarship is open to any health care or senior care foodservice employee with two years or more leadership experience.

Scholarship Includes:

  • Cost of enrollment
  • Books and related educational materials
  • Cost of exam
  • One year membership to ANFP
    {total value up to $1750}