Employer / Location: Golden Valley Memorial Hospital / Clinton, MO

The clinical dietitian coordinator is a licensed dietitian with responsibilities split between clinical patient care and clinical nutrition management.  Oversees our licensed dietitians, diabetes nurses and call center associates to ensure they receive adequate training and ongoing evaluation.  May assume any of the duties of our dietitians (providing services for inpatients, outpatients, home health, diabetes skills and self-management to include one-on-one or classes, cardiac rehab, oncology, etc.) or may cover the dietary office call center.  Participates in hiring and takes needed actions (including coaching/counseling/training, supervising or evaluating) to support our Destination-10, behaviors of excellence, and GVMH culture.  Prepares the clinical staffing schedule.  Must be willing to travel to our outlying clinics in Windsor, Osceola, and Warsaw.

Strong leadership and communication skills are essential.  Serves as a member of the Food & Nutrition/Diabetes Services leadership team and collaborates with others as needed to meet program goals or enhance services.  Ensures that nutrition policies, modified diet menus, menu analysis and nutrition standards are up-to-date and meet all regulatory requirements.  Performs needed quality and financial audits/checks, including patient rounding and other reports.  Must have computer skills to navigate the electronic medical record, diet office programs and effectively collaborate with others to maintain and upgrade our computer systems.  Provides innovative ideas and is able to train others using creative client-centered methods.  Provides nutrition support to our workforce and is willing to maintain involvement in our community.  Continually gathers data and seeks growth opportunities in nutrition services for our patients, staff and community.  Endorses The Commission on Dietetic Registration portfolio process for professional growth and development.