DM&A Brings Hospital Enhanced Dining (Room Service) to Australia

Mater Health Services is first in Australia to implement Enhanced Dining

DM&A offers the only Design through Implementation Healthcare enhanced dining support process in Australia. We are also the largest installers of enhanced dining in healthcare in Australia. The process begins with a very inexpensive assessment and feasibility study to ensure that you are a good candidate for enhanced dining and provide you with the exact cost and savings impact to the hospital. Once you have all the facts you can then make an informed decision to move forward or not. Be advised that we will prove to you that enhanced dining generally pays for itself and may even reduce your expenses indefinitely. Enhanced dining is now considered “Best Practice”, is the most “Green” method of meal service to patients, and causes customer satisfaction scores to skyrocket to the high nineties. We will provide you with list of customers to call to verify savings and customer satisfaction improvements. We then work side by side with the department team through the entire planning process and the opening week to ensure that there is a smooth deployment of your new best practice enhanced dining process. There is no other seamless support like this available delivered by full time staff members, who work together, using proven processes and training developed over twenty years.
  • Guests order what they want, when they want it from a customized restaurant-style menu.
  • Similar to room service in a hotel.
  • Engage DM&A to do a enhanced dining feasibility study.
  • The feasibility study provides:
    • Return on investment
    • Financial investment
    • Equipment specifications
    • Staffing requirements
    • Customized enhanced dining design
  • If approved, DM&A helps you develop and implement your enhanced dining program.
  • DM&A is the only organization serving Australia with the team, expertise, systems, and resources to facilitate a smooth transition to enhanced dining.
  • We are the first and only organization that has ever done this process, successfully, in Australia!
  • Generally, you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself.
  • Implementing enhanced dining is very complex.  It is like opening a new restaurant.  Why try to reinvent the wheel when DM&A already has the expertise and tools needed?
  • DM&A can help prove and demonstrate to administration that in most cases enhanced dining pays for itself even after all start-up expenses.
  • It generates the highest customer satisfaction scores.
  • Guests eat much better.
  • It costs less than other methods of “in room” dining.
  • It is the most “green” method of “in room” dining.
  • It gives your facility a competitive advantage.
Hospitals typically save $100K to $125K annually in food and supply expenses per 100 census. Exact savings are calculated and substantiated during the enhanced dining assessment, feasibility study, plan, and budgetary estimate.

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