• Another leader/VP saw an advertisement or has worked with contractors at a previous hospital
  • Your hospital became a part of a network of other hospitals
  • They want Room Service
  • They want healthier foods for patients and families – wellness options
  • They want locally sourced foods
  • They see it as a “quick fix” for problems such as recruiting leadership, financial concerns and poor quality food service

Why this is NOT the best option:

  • There are costs associated with going with a contractor
  • Cost to do an RFP (Request for Proposal)
  • Management fees
  • Bill backs
  • Loss of rebates
  • Few or challenging options of canceling a contract if needed

What you can do to prevent or avoid contract companies:

  • Your budget should be defensible not based on our own history by with outside benchmark hospital comparisons
  • Patient experience scores need to be the best
  • Survey scores – no deficiencies
  • Recruit and train top talent
  • Know the union contract and have a strong employee/union relationship
  • Understand and be involved in hospital initiatives. Think in terms of the whole not just your own department
  • Know your competition who are the contractors and what are their strengths and tactics. They are knocking on your administrator’s door.

DM&A gives Self-Op Support (SOS):

  • Assist with management coaching
  • Benchmarked – Know Your Numbers
  • Malnutrition reimbursement program
  • Assist with writing Request for Proposals
  • Healthy retail and action stations
  • Interim leadership staffing and/or recruiting
  • Software decision making
  • Network standardization