Healthcare Culinary Academy

"I was driven and taught to be more than just a line cook." Request More Info DM&A’s Healthcare Culinary Academy (HCA) is the first and only culinary school that comes to YOU! Meet Chef Shawn Most facilities cannot afford to send their cooks and chefs to culinary

Environmental Services

Performance Improvement Process Tools enabling your team to reach the highest levels of excellence. Tool Box includes Catalytic Leadership Training Learn More Operational Audit A comprehensive snapshot designed to share with you precisely where you stand relative to your industry peers Learn More Deliver Legendary Customer Service A comprehensive educational

Operational Assessment

Money saving opportunities Staffing analysis Standardization Improved culture Areas of Performance to Assess and Evaluate: FOOD SERVICE EVS Financial Performance Staffing Levels Retail Services Patient Meal Service Clinical Practices Automation Catering Services Purchasing Practices Employee Culture Customer Service Culinary Practices Contract Services Financial Performance Staffing Levels Hazardous Waste Analysis Equipment Usage Evaluation Automation

Staff Development

DESTINATION 10® is a performance improvement process used by food service teams to enable them to reach the highest levels of excellence within a short period of time. Dramatic results have been documented for the last 15 years. Destination 10® impacts all areas of a food service department including, but not limited to:

Provisional Leadership

Providing Interim Leadership Staffing DM&A offers temporary: Food Service Directors EVS Directors Supervisors Chefs CDMs CNMs RDs and managers for any defined length of time. In times of transition, your department needs a leader who can step up and steer the ship with confidence. When your organization faces critical

Meal Delivery

More Info Increase satisfaction and reduce waste. More Info Money saving opportunities Staffing analysis and more More Info Increase satisfaction and reduce waste. More Info Does your existing meal delivery program meet expectations?