It is an absolute certainty that at some point your facility’s Food Service or EVS division will have an unplanned absence of leadership.  Relocation, retirement, maternity, sabbatical, lottery winner, and a host of other reasons are difficult to foresee.  Most hospitals have no “batter’s box” of trained managers ready to fill the gap.  Below are some advantages an interim professional can offer.

  1. Fresh Perspective: An interim manager is less likely influenced by internal factors and able to provide the industry’s best practices to maintain workflow while exploring areas of improvement.
  2. Stability: While an unplanned absence of leadership can be stressful, an interim professional can bridge the gap until the right new hire is found.
  3. Turn Business Around: If there are operational inefficiencies, interim management can help determine the root causes of problems to improve the performance of each facility. These interim managers can serve as mentors to the staff as well as train the new hire.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: Interim managers can start quickly and only get paid for the days they work, which is more cost-effective than making a permanent hire.
  5. Expertise: Drawn from a pool of well-vetted, industry professionals, interim managers are well qualified for their assignments.   They are focused on key priorities to bring stability, satisfaction and strengthen the client’s culture and need.