During Times of Crisis


During Absence of Leadership

The challenging waves of staffing

It is an absolute certainty that at some point your facility’s Food Service or EVS division will have an unplanned absence of leadership. Relocation, retirement, maternity, sabbatical, lottery winner, and a host of other reasons are difficult to foresee. DM&A provides stability and direction during the challenging waves of staffing.

DM&A offers provisional:

  • Food Service Directors
  • Environmental Services Directors
  • Chefs
  • CDMs
  • CNMs
  • RDs
  • and managers for any defined length of time.

client testimonials


Our leaders are drawn from a pool of well-vetted, industry professionals ready to fill the gap.

“Chef Shawn was simply the best ever!  He was a great communicator, great at responding to emails, great at giving insightful feedback without being pushy and respecting others’ opinions, great at developing rapport with people he just met, equally good at improving quality of food and the process by which it’s produced, easy to laugh and keep everyone calm.  It was truly a pleasure.”

Dena Peroceschi-Sprain, MBA, RD, CD
Food Service Operations Program Manager