Room success story revisited:

  • PRESS GANEYIncreased from the 35th percentile (Quarter 2, 2013) to the 80th percentile (Quarter 2, 2014).
  • Plate waste has decreased from 30% to 12% and only 6% in oncology.
  • Reduction of supplements by 60%.
  • Food costs are down by over $500,000 (15%).
  • Mater Health Services won the PHAQ Award (Private Hospitals Association of Queensland) for Non-Clinical Innovation and the Overall Prize for Innovation in Queensland.
  • Room Service Savings Projected Year 1 Food & Supply Savings: $300,000
    ACTUAL Year 1 Food & Supply Savings: $500,000!

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A BIG THANKS to DM&A and all of the Mater teams who have made this all happen, especially to the MHS Hotel team where the rubber hits the room in the kitchen and with the patient. My observation is that it has gone really well. The commitment and attitude of the “on the ground team” has been great and a BIG factor in the success to date. You should all be proud of the success of Australia’s 1st Enhanced Dining Hospital going live and well! My congratulations to all the teams.

Dr. John Gilmour – Executive Director, Clinical Support Services, Mater Health Services, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia