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Michelle was instrumental in the successful development and rapid growth of the Nutrition Division at DM&A, including spearheading a new focus directed toward malnutrition documentation and coding that speaks directly to the bottom line while simultaneously improving the quality of patient care. As Director, Michelle guides her team to educate, coach, and support dietitians, Clinical Nutrition Managers, Food Service Directors, physicians, and other members of the patient care team in hospitals across the country. Michelle holds a B.S. in Food and Nutrition/Dietetics with a minor in Chemistry from North Dakota State University. According to Michelle, ?I enjoy working in every area of food and nutrition. Being a dietitian gives me that opportunity. I absolutely love meeting and working with new teams - encouraging them while providing tools and coaching to help them go from ?Good to Best?. Whether it?s in customer service, Destination 10, room service, or malnutrition documentation, I love seeing the positive changes and growth within the teams and the empowerment that develops within individuals.?

Implementation of Malnutrition Coding: A Success Story

Check out our publication in Support Line, a Publication of Dietitians in Nutrition Support from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Implementation of Malnutrition Coding: A Success Story Jennifer S. Lowry, RD, LD , Jill Johnston, MS, RD, LD, and DM&A's Director,  Nutrition Division and Executive Success Coach Michelle Hoppman, RDN, LRD, CDE (2015). Implementation

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Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Textured Modified Diets – The Best on the Planet! [rev_slider Ron]   Creating  purees,  chops,  and grounds,  for the finest hospital in the world.  Well, I have to say when I got the call that I was to be teaching textured modified diets to a bunch of European & Middle Eastern

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Abbreviations. Is this the best way to document the severity of malnutrition?

The discussion of the use of abbreviations continues to surface in hospitals nationwide. The most recent discussions we have had are in relationship to malnutrition. Documentation of malnutrition is one piece of the care of malnutrition. A hospitals focus on the care of malnutrition is like casting a net into the sea, reeling it in

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